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PaperProtek™ Security Printed Paper

Printed Security Paper

ITW Security Division’s PaperProtek™ Printed Security Paper utilizes proprietary technology to create fully customized security print solutions to protect secure documents against forgery and counterfeit attempts. The PaperProtek™ product takes the specialized print features usually found on our Passport and ID Card Laminates and applies them directly on to the paper substrate.

PaperProtek™ is an ideal solution for secure documents, such as Visas or Certificates, whose personalized data is typically not protected with an ITW Security Division Laminate, allowing the incorporation of one or more of the specialized printed security features. Other documents such as Passports, where Laminates are regularly used, can increase their overall complexity with the use of security features on multiple levels. In both cases, forgery or falsification attempts can therefore be more easily deterred and/or prevented.


  • Full customised printed features in excellent registration to each other
  • Unique patented printed features including OVTek® and Imaprotek® (UVA-UVC)
  • Cannot be reproduced using a printer or photocopier
  • Can accept further security print features and data personalization
  • Can be combined with ITW Security Division Passport Laminates or Security Seals to protect the personalized data for a full security solution.


  • Visas
  • Passports
  • Certificates/Diplomas
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General Information

Features OVDs, UV colors, VIS Pantone colors, iridescent printing, photochromic printing, thermochromic printing, sequential numbering and barcode printing.
Paper Thickness Minimum 50 micron.
Format Size Roll Size Maximum 350mm x 3000m/Sheet Size Maximum 1010mm x 700m.
Labeling As per customer requirements.
Packaging As per customer requirements.
Storage Product should be transported and stored in dry conditions away from direct heat and sunlight. Optimal storage temperature is 23°C +/- 2° at 50% RH +/- 10% RH. The recommended shelf life is 12 months in the original packaging.
Ordering Minimum order quantities apply.


  • Resistant to chemical, thermal and physical attacks
  • Superior resistance to UVA and climate aging
  • Excellent range of solvent, water or UV based inks
  • Readily accepts further security printing and/or personalization
  • Paper Liner
  • Adhesive Layer
  • Paper
  • Security Print