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Fasprotek™ Security Seals

Printed Security Seals

ITW Security Division’s Fasprotek™ security seals utilize proprietary technology to create fully customized solutions for protecting government documents against forgery and counterfeit attempts. Through precise control of all laminate components and characteristics, ITW Security Division delivers solutions for a wide range of substrates and application methods, incorporating unique ITW security features to enable easy authentication and prevent falsification.


  • Alteration attempts are immediately obvious due to ultra-thin, frangible layers
  • Cannot be reproduced using a printer or photocopier
  • Exceptional transparency for securing biographical data
  • Easy night checking with a flashlight
  • Fully customized laminate solutions


  • Authentication Seals
  • Official Letters
  • Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
  • Diplomas
  • Land Registry
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Visas
  • Weapons Permits
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General Information

Fasprotek™ (Sheets)
Features OVDs, UV colors, VIS Pantone colors, iridescent printing, metallic printing, photochromic printing, thermochromic printing, sequential numbering, barcode printing, complex shapes, Matte/ShinyTM features, and tactile features.
Laminate Thickness 10 to 25 micron transfer film.
Format Size Any sheet size up to 600mm x 900mm. Sheet formats (1-UPS, 2-UPS, 3-UPS, 4-UPS, etc.) as per customer request.
Labeling As per customer requirements.
Packaging As per customer requirements.
Storage Product should be transported and stored in dry conditions away from direct heat and sunlight. Optimal storage temperature is 23°C +/- 2° at 50% RH +/- 10% RH. The recommended shelf life is 12 months in the original packaging.
Lifetime 10 years in standard conditions (PC sheet laminated in the card body).
Ordering Minimum order quantities apply.


  • Resistant to chemical and thermic attacks
  • Good scratch and rub resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Superior resistance to UVA and climate aging
  • Fasprotek™ (Sheets)
  • Polystyrene Carrier
  • Adhesive Layer (Hot or Cold)
  • Protective Paper Backing