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HoloPC Card

Covid® Holographic Security Solutions for Polycarbonate

ITW Security Division’s HoloPC enables customers to embed a holographic security feature within polycarbonate (PC) cards. This permits document designers to combine the advantages of premium holography with those of a highly durable PC card body. The result— a secure card that can’t be delaminated, a 10-year document life, and vibrant, easily authenticated holographic security features that are extremely difficult to counterfeit.

HoloPC is available in foil rolls, providing customers who have stamping equipment the flexibility to position holographic features wherever they choose on the card. And for those who don’t, HoloPC also comes in pre-stamped PC sheets for direct insertion into the card body.


  • 10-Year durability
  • Cannot be delaminated
  • Cannot be reproduced using a printer or photocopier
  • Fully customized holographic solutions


  • Driving Licenses
  • ID Cards
  • Passports
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General Information

Film Rolls PC Sheets
Color HRI
Material Thickness 19 microns 100 microns
Splices Not permitted
Labeling As per customer requirements.
Packaging As per customer requirements.
Storage Product should be transported and stored in dry conditions away from direct heat and sunlight. Optimal storage temperature is 23°C +/- 2° at 50% RH+/- 10% RH. The recommended shelf life is 12 months in the original packaging.
Lifetime 10 years in standard conditions (PC sheet laminated in the card body).
Ordering Minimum order quantities apply.


  • Withstands the high temperatures and pressures of the PC lamination process
  • Maintains excellent image quality post-lamination
  • Laser engraved ID images can be added to the card in the holographic area
  • Withstands ISO standard temperature and humidity exposure
  • Withstands ISO standard UV light exposure†

† When applied according to the manufacturer’s recommended orientation.

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