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Holographic Laminate Patch

Covid Holographic Security Laminates

ITW Security Division’s Covid Holographic Laminate Patch provides excellent adhesion and durability to protect personalized data against daily wear and tear. Custom holograms help prevent counterfeiting and aid in the authentication of genuine documents. This lamination is designed to work with a wide variety of plastic ID card substrates, including PVC, composite PVC, PET, PC and card stocks that are personalized with dye diffusion thermal transfer (D2T2) and resin retransfer printing technologies.


  • Cannot be reproduced using a printer or photocopier
  • Excellent durability for long-life cards
  • Fully customized laminate solutions
  • Can be combined with ITW Security Division Imagedata D2T2 ribbons for a complete personalization and security solution


  • Driving Licenses
  • ID Cards
  • Healthcare, Voting, and Social Welfare Cards
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General Information

Color HRI
Film 15 or 25 micron PET
Splices Not permitted
Labeling Rolls are identified as per customer requests.
Packaging Rolls are individually wrapped to avoid contamination and are secured in close fitting cardboard boxes to avoid damage.
Storage Product should be transported and stored in dry conditions away from direct heat and sunlight. Optimal storage temperature is 20°C (68°F) at 50% relative humidity. The recommended shelf life is 12 months.
Ordering Minimum order quantities apply.


  • Good mar resistance
  • Protection from exposure to water
  • Enhanced chemical resistanc
  • Excellent adhesion
  • PET Layer
  • Holographic Layer
  • HRI Layer
  • Heat Activated Adhesive

Technical Characteristics - Card Durability

Properties Requirement Result
ID-1 Card Flexure 100,000 Cycles Pass
ID-1 Plasticizer Exposure 0.5” Fracture Pass
Temperature and Humidity Induced Dye Migration 0% Dye Migration Pass
Surface Abrasion, Tabor, CS10 500gm
15 micron: ≥2,000 Cycles Pass
25 micron: ≥5,000 Cycles Pass

* As per ANSI INCITS 322-2002