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Imagedata Color Personalization for Polycarbonate Cards

ITW Security Division’s Imagedata Unichroma™ coating technology enables dye diffusion thermal transfer (D2T2) color images to be applied to polycarbonate (PC) and other difficult to print ID card substrates. As a result, color photographs can now be combined with laser engraved personalization optimizing both ID card security and ease of authentication.


Unichroma is a clear, colorless, dry coating, which is supplied on the same thin PET carrier ribbon as D2T2 dyes and applied directly to the surface of the card using a conventional D2T2 printer with a thermal print head. It may be supplied as the first panel in-line with Y, M, C, K dyes on paneled ribbons for use in desktop printers or as a separate, continuous roll for use in central issuance equipment.*

Low-Cost Color Personalization

Unichroma can be selectively applied to the card’s surface only where colors are needed, leaving the remainder of the card area unmodified. This minimizes the cost per card and enables use with a wide selection of over-laminates to achieve the desired performance characteristics.

D2T2 Printing on Difficult Plastic Substrates

Unichroma acts as a color primer to improve the appearance of D2T2 printing on some plastics and enables its use on others, such as PC, without requiring special, expensive card stocks.

*Special firmware may be required from your card printer OEM in order to use Unichroma ribbons in D2T2 printer equipment.


  • Affordable color personalization for PET, PC, and other card stocks
  • Compatible with conventional D2T2 printers
  • Compatible with ITW Security Division patch products
  • Desktop and central issuance solutions


  • Driving Licenses
  • ID Cards
  • Other long-life, high security cards
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