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Dye Sublimation (D2T2) Ribbon

Imagedata Color Personalization for ID Cards

ITW Security Division’s Imagedata D2T2 ribbons generate vibrant colors and high-definition print for photos, background imagery, text and bar codes, making them ideal for the color personalization of secure and non-secure ID cards.


  • Custom designed backcoats enable high-speed printing while
    maintaining defect-free, high-density images
  • Proprietary, fade-resistant dyes extend card life
  • High quality text and bar codes create trouble-free scanning
  • Flexible overlay panel protects against daily wear and tear
  • Low-cost, small panel formats available for applications with spot color


  • Driving Licenses
  • Healthcare Cards
  • HID and Permanent Resident Cards
  • Social Welfare Cards
  • Voter Cards

High Performance Color Printing

Designed in association with the world’s leading card printer OEMs, Imagedata D2T2 ribbons offer exceptional in-printer performance for fast, clean, convenient ID card personalization. The range of Imagedata ribbon formats extends well beyond the typical “YMCKO” products, offering low-cost, small panel options, as well as innovative coatings that deliver special value-added functionality and/ or visual effects.

Performance Coatings

A variety of specialty coatings can be added to Imagedata D2T2 ribbons to satisfy the performance and security requirements of the most demanding applications. These coatings are available as continuous rolls and can also be added to paneled products.

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Unichroma™ + D2T2 printing provides a convenient, economical, high-definition color solution for PC and other difficult to print card substrates. Color images and secure laser engraving can now be combined on a single card.

Ultraviolet (UV)

UV fluorescing coatings provide an added level of security and aid the identification of genuine documents.

Protective Overlay

Imagedata durable overlay coatings flex with the card to help protect personalized data against daily wear and tear.

Resin Black

Our K panel, composed of a high quality resin black formulation, produces high-definition, highly durable text and barcodes for trouble-free scanning.

General Information

Ribbon Formats* Imagedata D2T2 ribbons are available in standard and small panel formats featuring a variety of color and coating combinations to suit a wide range of applications. Additional panel constructions may be available upon request.

Standard Panel Products

  • KO
  • YMCK
  • YMC
  • YMCUvK
  • UcYMCK
  • Mono (Y, M, C, K, O, Uc, Uv)
* Product set-up charges may apply to certain formats.

Small Panel Products

  • 1/2ymc
  • 1/2ymcKO
  • 1/3ymcKO
  • 1/3ymcKOK
  • 1/2ymcKOKO
Film D2T2 ribbons utilize a thin (6μm) PET carrier.
Coating Formulations A variety of coating formulations are available to optimize performance in virtually any D2T2 printer.
Physical Dimensions Developed to the specifications of most D2T2 printers.
Packaging Rolls are packaged in accordance with customer requirements.
Storage Product should be transported and stored in dry conditions away from direct heat and sunlight. Optimal storage temperature is 20°C (68°F) at 50% relative humidity.
Substrate Compatibility Imagedata D2T2 ribbons are compatible with multiple plastic card materials, including PVC, composite PVC, and PETF. The addition of Unichroma coating enables use with more difficult substrates, including PC, PET, PETix, PET-G, ABS and bio-PVC.