PaperProtek™ from ITW Security Division, takes its latest leading Fasver® print technologies to create a fully customized security print solution to protect document substrates against forgery and counterfeit attempts.  

Ideal for secure documents such as Visas, Certificates and Diplomas, whose personalized data is typically not protected, PaperProtek™ enables the incorporation of one or more of the Fasver® printed security features to be added. It also increases the overall complexity of documents such as passports with the PaperProtek™ features combining with the traditional laminate to provide a multi-layered approach to protection from forgery or falsification attempts.  

ITW Security Division’s graphic department works with each customer to create precisely registered custom designs that integrate with the overall artwork of the document and secure the personalization areas. This ensures a cohesive design is provided that is both attractive and easy to authenticate whilst of course remaining highly secure. 

Unique patented printed features including OVTek® and Imaprotek® can be added to a wide range of the document substrates in either rolls or sheets and in varying gauges. The PaperProtek™ is then ready for accepting data personalization and if required, an ITW Security Division laminate can be added to provide an all-encompassing solution. ITW Security Division’s print capability ensures complete compatibility between all the layers of the security document, with the paper and ink remaining completely stable through production, only reacting to fraudulent attempts to alter or tamper the finished document. 

ITW Security Division will be taking PaperProtek™ to 11th Security Document Summit on 14-16 November at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, along with its other Covid and Fasver® security solutions.

Commenting on the launch Bob Carey, ITW Security Division’s Business Unit Manager said “Our expertise in delivering printed security technologies on Laminate and Polycarbonate meant that adding these features to the document’s substrate was a natural next step. ITW Security Division’s capability to design and provide fully customizable printed features across document substrates in highly precise registration to each other, together with our proprietary technologies ensures that we add real security to documents through PaperProtek™.” 

“In an era when proving your identity and qualifications has never been more important we are seeing tremendous interest in our PaperProtek™ product, especially in protecting the personalized areas of Visas, Certificates and Diplomas which can often be easily altered by forgers.”  

About ITW Security Division

The ITW Security Division was formed in 2012 through the coming together of the management teams, technologies and resources of Covid, Fasver® and Imagedata™. Leveraging the strengths of these brands, the ITW Security Division today offers the secure document market a single source supply for high security laminate documents and dye diffusion (D2T2) ribbons.

As an independently operated division of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), a Fortune 200 company, we have the financial resources necessary to continually invest in new technology, research and development. This global footprint and view has enabled us to supply products to more than half the world’s countries from our secure facilities in the UK, France and USA.

At ITW Security Division we understand that the foundation for secure materials begins with highly secure manufacturing facilities. We manufacture products from start to finish in one of our secure facilities enabling us to meet the ‘under-one-roof’ production requirements demanded by many governments.

Our products and technologies driven by our Covid and Fasver® brands have developed a global reputation for highly advanced security solutions. Overt, covert and forensic security technologies are customised to the specific requirements of each document program to enable the widest combination of personalisation methods and substrates for passport and ID card issuance worldwide.


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