ITW Security Division has added its latest White Paper ‘The Physical ID Card is Dead – Long live the Physical ID!’ to its website for the personal ID and secure government documents market at

The new ITW Security White Paper looks at the growth in digital and mobile IDs and their role, alongside those of physical ID cards, in delivering secure governmental services and projects. Reviewing the drivers for growth and the challenges involved, the White Paper highlights some of the latest physical ID technologies and card structures available. It concludes that the opportunity exists for the two styles of ID to work in tandem, with the best of both formats enabling a secure and reliable ID project to be delivered.

“In order to enable access to a wide variety of both commercial and government services, we all have a need to prove our identity in our everyday lives. The growth in technology has meant that our smart phones are now often able to meet this need through the provision of mobile IDs, however, there are still a wide variety of situations where only a physical ID card will suffice,” comments Joanne Ogden, ITW Security Division’s Global Sales Manager;

“The two formats of ID should, therefore, be complimentary rather than being mutually exclusive. And having both a physical and mobile identity can help to deliver access to a complete variety of commercial and government services, improving mobility and establishing trust between members of the public and service providers.”

ITW Security Division offers a wealth of products and services to Governments and companies worldwide to enhance and protect their security documents and this latest White Paper is available online as part of a series designed to share knowledge with customers and visitors alike.

About ITW Security Division

The ITW Security Division was formed in 2012 through the coming together of the management teams, technologies and resources of Covid, Fasver® and Imagedata™. Leveraging the strengths of these brands, the ITW Security Division today offers the secure document market a single source supply for high security laminate documents and dye diffusion (D2T2) ribbons.

As an independently operated division of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), a Fortune 200 company, we have the financial resources necessary to continually invest in new technology, research and development. This global footprint and view has enabled us to supply products to more than half the world’s countries from our secure facilities in the UK, France and USA.

At ITW Security Division we understand that the foundation for secure materials begins with highly secure manufacturing facilities. We manufacture products from start to finish in one of our secure facilities enabling us to meet the ‘under-one-roof’ production requirements demanded by many governments.

Our products and technologies driven by our Covid and Fasver® brands have developed a global reputation for highly advanced security solutions. Overt, covert and forensic security technologies are customised to the specific requirements of each document program to enable the widest combination of personalisation methods and substrates for passport and ID card issuance worldwide. 

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